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Our Investment Philosophy

Our Investment Philosophy

We do not believe in market timing. We believe in long-term investing, and in designing an investment portfolio that is customized to match each client’s cash flow needs and long-term goals.

We are not stockbrokers or traders, and we typically follow a “buy and hold” strategy. However, “buy and hold” does not mean “buy and neglect.” We consistently analyze various mutual funds, and we recommend changes to our clients’ investment accounts based on our due diligence process.

We use a combination of passive and actively managed no-load mutual funds. Approximately 60-80% of our clients investment portfolios are passive. We use Vanguard Institutional funds and DFA (Dimensional Fund Advisors) funds, along with carefully selected active funds. We strive to keep the expense ratio below .35 of 1% which is much lower than the 1.2% standard in the industry. This helps our clients keep their fees low.

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