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Financial Planning

Financial Planning… Plus Far More

We are known for our financial expertise in investment management. However, our services are very broad, providing far more benefits.



Investment Management

We have received many honors for our expertise in investment management. Our primary responsibility to our clients is to protect and grow their investment nest eggs.

Retirement Projections

We update our clients’ retirement projections annually due to changes that are inevitable. The stock market performance is not consistent, grandchildren may be born, children get married and divorced, unexpected expenses come up. Our meetings are always very interactive, but working on retirement projections (and the various scenarios we need to consider) is especially fun.

Cash Flow

This is an important issue when considering how much each client is saving (while still working), or withdrawing (during retirement). We track these to make sure our clients are on track to achieve their goals. From year-to-year, cash flow needs will vary, requiring flexibility in each clients’ financial plan.

Tax Planning

Wise tax planning is essential for the future. With tax rates expected to increase in future years and tax laws often changing, we closely monitor our clients’ tax situation. We also often recommend that our clients convert traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs, which will save them significant money in taxes in the future.

Estate Planning

We work closely with estate attorneys on behalf of our clients. Building a support team that consists of us as the financial advisor, an estate attorney, and an accountant can provide valuable benefits for our clients. We want our clients to have current legal documents that convey their wishes.

College Funding

There are many ways to save for college, and we educate our clients on the pros and cons of various strategies.

Legacy Planning

This is an exciting service that helps clients pass their values, their family stories, and prudent financial skills down to younger generations in the family.

Charitable Gifting

Many of our clients are charitably inclined. We often help them make a charitable gift by using appreciated investment assets. Sometimes they ask that we research charities for them. We also set up donor-advised charitable accounts when appropriate.

Insurance Advice

We do not sell insurance. However, we want our clients to have adequate insurance that includes long-term care, life insurance, disability insurance, homeowner’s, auto, and umbrella liability insurance. We review their insurance for them and point out changes we would recommend. We can recommend insurance agents for various products. Those insurance salespeople will earn a commission when they sell an insurance policy, but we do not accept any payment.

Focus on Goals

This is a service that makes us unique. We do not encourage our clients to focus only on their money, because we believe that money does not buy happiness. This is why we help our clients focus on the goals they want to achieve, and we help them match their finances to those goals.

Education on Financial Matters

Donna Skeels Cygan enjoys educating her clients on many different financial topics. Client meetings always include time to discuss some new strategies or topics, and her clients are always encouraged to contact her with any questions they have.

Other Services

    • Our clients know we are accessible to them for any financial matters that may arise during the year.
    • The majority of our clients’ investment accounts are held at Schwab Institutional. However, we also manage 401k plans and other retirement plans; 529 college plans; and variable annuities at Vanguard, Fidelity, American Funds, and TIAA Cref. We address all aspects of our client’s finances, which keeps the client focused and “on track” to achieve their goals.
    • Semi-annual meetings to review investment portfolio performance, discuss tax planning strategies, and cover many financial topics.
    • Annual updates to retirement plan.
    • We collaborate with other professionals on a team basis with our clients. For example, we often work on a team with an estate planning attorney and an accountant, and we are available to work with insurance agents, eldercare specialists, or other experts on behalf of our clients.
    • We often work with multiple generations at our clients’ request. We provide financial advice to adult children or grandchildren, and we are available to assist our clients in passing down their values, and in educating their heirs regarding wise money management strategies.
    • We will help you get your financial affairs “in good order.” We do this by consolidating your investment accounts and simplifying them for moving forward.


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