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The Joy of Financial Security

Learn How to Invest in Joy

Donna Skeels Cygan, CFP®, MBA, is also the author of the multi-award winning book The Joy of Financial Security: The art and science of becoming happier, managing your money wisely, and creating a secure financial future. Cygan has contributed to articles and has been quoted in national newspapers and magazines, including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, Forbes, Kiplinger’s, and Investment News. She has appeared on TV programs in Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, Minneapolis, and Memphis, as well as on many radio shows across the U.S. She enjoys speaking on many topics related to money and happiness.
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The Joy of Financial Security
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“This book provides immense rewards. Cygan teaches her readers how to manage their money wisely while becoming better investors. She then helps them attain rich, happy, and fulfilling lives by aligning their money with their values. The way she weaves financial strategies together with hap-piness strategies is fascinating.”

— Bert Whitehead, MBA, JD, author of Why Smart People Do Stupid Things with Money

“By combining the latest research with interesting stories, Cygan takes on the complex relationship between money and happiness and makes it a lot simpler. It is true that money can’t buy you happiness, but buying this book can make you happier.”
— Tal Ben-Shahar, author of Happier and Choose the Life You Want
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